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Note: The papers published below will continue to be available from this page until they are assigned to an issue. To see an article, click its [PDF] link. To review many abstracts, check the boxes to the left of the titles you want, and click the 'Selected articles' button. To see one abstract at a time, click its [Abstract] link.
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Xiao-lu li, Rui Wang, Chun-fang Yang, Zhen-feng Dong, Xiu-qin Zhang, De-yi Wang, Du-jin Wang
Effect of Poly (D-lactic Acid) Block Copolymers with Soft Chains on the Tensile Behavior of Poly (L-lactic Acid)
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Shuo Zhang, Chun-Hua Cai, Qi-Jing Huang, Jia-Ping Lin, Zhan-Wen Xu
Effect of Intermolecular Interactions on Self-assembled Structures of Polypeptide-based Copolymer/Polystyrene Derivatives Blends
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Jian-yong Lv, Zhi-yuan He, Jian-jun Wang
Recent Research on Polymeric Anti-icing Materials
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Zhen Zhang, Chao-liang He, Qing-hua Xu, Xiu-li Zhuang, Xue-si Chen
Preparation of poly(L-glutamic acid)-based hydrogels via Diels-Alder reaction and study on their biomolecule-responsive properties
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Jing Sun, Zhi-bo Li
Study on polypeptoids and its structure-property relationship
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Jun Liu, Lixiang Wang
Polymer Electron Acceptors Containing Boron-Nitrogen Coordination Bond (B←N) for All-Polymer Solar Cells
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Meng-xue Zhao, Mi-qiu Kong, Cheng-jun Liu, Ya-jiang Huang, Guang-xian Li
Toughening of TDE-85 Epoxy Resin by Dopamine-modified Graphite Oxide
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Ke Zhang, Tai-sheng Wang, Zi-li Li, Jing-wen Dai, Wei-dong He, Ru-ke Bai
Preparation of Hollow Nanospheres by Miniemulsion Polymerization
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Meng-yi Zu, Ying Ke, Sheng-li Qi, Hui-chuan Yang, Guo-feng Tian, De-zhen Wu
Preparation of Polyimide/polyacrylonitrile Blend Black Films and a Study of Their Structure and Properties
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Yan Lv, Yong Du, Shang-jin Yang, Jian Wu, Zhi-kang Xu
Polymer Nanofiltration Membranes via Controlled Surface/Interface Engineering
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Liang Liao, Peng-fei Fei, Bo-wen Cheng, Jian-qiang Meng, Xiao-yu Hu, Jun Song
Fabrication and Antibacterial Properties of Cellulose Triacetate/Chitosan Reverse Osmosis Membrane
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Youzhi Wang, Jie Gao, Zhimou Yang
Short Peptide-Based Hydrogels:Mild Preparation Methods and the Application as Vaccine Adjuvant
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Jin-ying Liu, Ming-gao Qin, Dang-i Y. Auphedeous, Zhi-wei Liu, Xiao-qiu Dou, Chuan-liang Feng
Inversion of the Supramolecular Chirality of Nanofibrous Structures tuned by the Odd-Even Effects among Bis-amide and Bis-urea
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Shuixing Dai, Xiaowei Zhan
Fused-Ring Electron Acceptors in Organic Solar Cells:Novel Concept, Record Efficiency, New Era
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Xuchao Wang, Keyan Bai, Junqiao Ding, Lixiang Wang
Synthesis and Characterization of Bipolar Blue-Emitting Poly(spirobifluorene)s Tethered with Carbazole and Arylphosphine Oxide
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Xin-yu Liu, Jin Hu, Jian-wen Guo, Gui-lin Wang, Wei-ping Gao
Temperature-Responsive Polymer Conjugation of Interferon-α Enhances Antitumor Efficacy
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Cheng Jinhua, Jiang Hongji
Study on the self-assembly behaviors of an amphiphilic block polymer by grafting the tetraphenylethene-based AIE active moiety to the terminal of polymer
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Hua Li, Xiao-fu Wu, Hang Hao, Yong-hong Chen, Hui Tong, Li-xiang Wang
Water-dispersed hyperbranched conjugated polymer nanoparticles for highly sensitive fluorescent detection of picric acid
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Xing-xiao Li, Dong Han, Ting-rui Lin, Yu Cui, Jing Peng, Jiu-qiang Li, Mao-lin Zhai
Radiation Synthesis and Properties of imidazolium Hexafluorophosphate Poly(ionic liquid) Gel Electrolytes
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Botuo Zheng, Xinfeng Tao, Jun Ling
Water Tolerated Polymerization of N-Substituted Glycine N-Thiocarboxyanhydride Initiated by Primary Amines
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Yu-juan Xiao, Huan-yu Zhou, Hai-tao Xu, Li-cheng Tan, Yi-wang Chen
In-situ Polymerization of PEDOT by π-Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Template as Hole Transport Layer for Polymer Solar Cells
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Xin Qing, Jiu-an Lv, Yan-lei Yu
Photodeformable Liquid Crystal Polymers
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Kang Ma, Yulu Ma, Haili Zhao, Song Liu, Linsheng Xie, Jin Sha
Fabrication of Hyperbranched PEG Brushes via Laser-Mediated Self-Condensing Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Guang Yang, Chenlu He, Gang Zou
Synthesis of optically active polymer and structural modulation using Circularly Polarized Light
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Ning Zheng, Tao Xie
Thermadapt Shape Memory Polymer
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Xuan-Bo Liu, Jia-Ru Xu, Yong-Feng Zhao, Shuang Yang, Xing-He Fan, Er-Qiang Chen
Lamellar Phase of Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymer Based on Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymer:A Study of Chain Stretching
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Chu Wang, Li Wang, Jin-Hao Huo, Jian Zhou
Computer simulations on the pH-responsive block copolymer membrane
[Abstract] ( 0 ) [HTML 0 KB][PDF 0 KB] (0)
Hao Fu, Chang-fa Xiao, Le-Le Sun, Jian Pan, Quan Quan
Structures and Properties of Poly (vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) Fibers
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Xiaofu Li, Rong Wang, Yang Chu, Yijun Zheng, Jie Zhang, Xinhua Wan
Helix-sense-selective radical polymerization of vinyl biphenyl monomers
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Yuan Xue, Long Man-Cheng, Song Fei, Wang Xiu-Li, Wang Yu-Zhong
Preparation of Biomineralized Cotton/CaCO3 Composite for Selective Oil Absorption
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